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We are Kristi and Ernie Lemon, an Orlando based husband and wife with a passion for capturing the joy of our couples on the most important day of their lives. In our opinion, the candids and authentic moments are the highlights of your wedding day — nothing cheesy or over-posed. We build relationships with our couples so that you feel comfortable and relaxed in front of our cameras. We each have our focus: Kristi loves to get up close and personal so you can remember the happiness you felt in that moment when you look back on your photos, and Ernie loves to work with angles and light so you look your absolute best. Together, we are able to capture every perspective of your big day and your love for each other. We truly love being wedding photographers, and we look forward to meeting you!

About us



Kristi is the kind of person everyone loves to be around. Her energy is so positive and always gives you those ‘good vibes’. She can connect with anyone and leave a lasting positive impression. Aside from her awesome personality, she is a beast with a camera. I’ve nicknamed her “Kristi the Moment Catcher” because she is so good at capturing the photos that speak volumes. Kristi gives anything in life 150% whether it’s school, all of her previous jobs, or a wedding day. She operates with her heart and goes above and beyond for our brides and grooms in any way that she can. She will make sure your dress doesn’t drag in the dirt or make sure your boutonniere is straight. She is the more detail oriented part of the team so she’s good at catching the little things in your pictures that can make all the difference. We work great together as a team and are always bouncing ideas off of each other and encouraging each other. She is the Pam to my Jim (for all of “The Office” fans like me) and I couldn’t imagine working or doing life with anyone else -Ernie

Ernie is one of the most caring, generous, and forgiving people you will ever meet and it shows in his interactions with his couples and in his work. He works so hard for every couple to capture the best moments of your wedding and obsesses over every edit to make sure your pictures look the best they can. His passion goes way beyond what you will see! In our relationship and everyday life, he is also the He is supportive, nurturing, and loves beyond boundaries. He makes me take my vitamins on time, makes sure I belly-laugh at least once a day (especially on the bad days), and deals with my annoying need to have everything organized and in its place 24/7. He loves our dog, Koba, as if he was our first born son. Being around him is a true joy and I haven’t met one person that would disagree. When we work with our couples, I see him light up as he gets to follow his passion in working with you. Not to mention he is the life of the party! He considers (as do I) every client like a great friend and strives to give his best. -Kristi